Quartz Worktops – Elegance, Versatility, and Durability in One Package

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Quartz is arguably the most durable manufactured stone in the market today. Coincidentally, it is also one of the most popular worktop materials. It fulfills all the needs of a worktop – it is durable, versatile in functionality, and has good looks to match.

The Advantages of Quartz Worktops Granite Worktops London

Quartz beats most other common worktop materials hands down in most aspects. It ranks among the best worktop materials such as granite, and even then it has more unique characteristics. These include:

  • Versatility

It is interesting to know that quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth – it covers 1/8th of the earth’s surface. It has numerous uses thanks to its hardy properties. As a worktop, quartz can be put to many uses. For starters, it is ideal as a kitchen worktop as it is hygienic and easy to work with. It is also ideal for bathrooms and other delicate surfaces.

Additionally, quartz can be modified in many ways to bring about new looks, shapes, and textures, making it easy to customize for many uses.

Quartz Worktops

  • Durability

Quartz worktops last for years with the proper maintenance. This is because quartz is more durable than most other materials – it is even more durable than granite. It is capable of withstanding huge impacts as well as extreme conditions such as heat and cold. To this end, worktops made of quartz are ideal even for heavy uses.

  • Looks and Maintenance

Pure quartz should appear plain or have a partly clouded appearance. However, most quartz surfaces undergo manufacturing before use. Since quartz is so versatile and easy to work with, it can be designed into diverse shapes and looks.

For starters, quartz surfaces constitute 93% quartz and additional colors, resins, and other additives. The coloration additives can be designed in a laboratory to take on virtually any appearance. This, complemented by the natural hardy appearance of the material, results in an elegant and classy look that blends in with all surroundings.

Quartz surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain. For starters, they are smooth and sleek, which makes it difficult to stains to stick. Cleaning is also easy as stains come off easily and the surface is smooth. Finally, they do not crack or scratch easily and will maintain their sleek looks for years. In fact, quartz surfaces are so hygienic that they are kosher-certified.

Go Quartz

Taking all the positive aspects of quartz into consideration, prudence only dictates that you should go with quartz worktops if you are shopping. You will need to shop with the best quartz merchant in the UK.

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