What is the estimation? Know the basics

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Moving means a life of thrill and new experiences. You are unaware of the life that you are going to live. You are not aware of the place you are going to live in. it would be full of surprises. Some surprises would be heartwarming while others seem to more of a shock. However, all in a whole it is a great experience. Anyway to be able to make sure that you shift safely you need to book a mover like umzug Luzern. For the first time, they may be not aware of the most important thing in shifting. That is the estimates.

What is the estimation?

Estimation is the overall charge of the service. When you call for a moving service like umzug Luzern you have to call them to visit your house and list our all the items that have to be shifted. They make an approximation of all the cost that would be taking place to make the moving. The approximation is depended on the number of items, the size of the shipment and the weight. When that is done there is a contract between the customers and the moving company. The contract decides what type of estimate that you would like to opt for. There are mainly three types of estimates and they are

  1. Binding estimate: In this, the approximate cost that has been set is fixed no matter the size of shipment at the time of moving.
  2. Non-binding estimate: This estimate means that you are not bound to the approximate value. If your shipment increases on the day of moving you are to pay the additional
  3. Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate: in this no matter what the calculated value was if at the time of shipment the size of the shipment is less you have to pay the lower price.

umzug LuzernWhat is included in the contract?

Once you decide the estimated type you are given the Bill of Lading contract along with the estimate. Another paper has the details about the date of shipment, the place the pickup will be and the destination of the shipment. In addition to that, you also have to opt for the service you want to take like the full service, the packing services, loading unloading service etc. among the rest. All this would be included in the contract. The contract would also have the estimated distance of the travel, the weight of the shipment, insurances and the transportation charges as well.


The estimation differs from mover to mover and so it would be the best to get estimation from different movers.

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