What is the best way of determining an individual’s IQ?

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IQ test is a type of examination wherein the intellectual capacity of the individual, not the performance is being evaluated. In most cases, this type of test is done by professionals. At present, the IQ test has four scales namely, verbal comprehension, reasoning, working memory and achievement progress. It could also be determined by taking the IQ examination. The test consist of three sets of fifteen questions and the level of the questions moderately increases its difficulty. Since this type of test is to assess the intellectual capacity of the individual, not the performance, it is not time bound.  The IQ test can also be determined according to individual’s capability of logical reasoning and learning potentials.

In what way does an individual’s IQ be evaluated?

The mental capacity of the individual is being evaluated in the IQ test thus making this test a very challenging one. In this type of test, the individual is asked to analyze the missing element to fully complete the given pattern. The objects in each pattern increase its difficulty as the test progresses, the level of progression goes up. It could also be evaluated by the learning capacity of the individual, his skills in communicating with others, the pattern of certain thoughts, and a high level of assertiveness.

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How does the individual’s IQ be calculated?

Upon the completion of the IQ test, the individual’s IQ is calculated. This could be done meticulously by following some specific guidelines which involve the age, gender and the country the individual dwells.  The individual’s score will be converted in accordance with the international standards and would be compared to the age level of the individual. The higher the percentile the individual gets, the better the accomplishment. Another way of calculating an individual’s IQ is through the comparison of the individual’s IQ using the Wechsler scale. The average IQ level is 100% and once an individual exceeds 100, his IQ is above-average. If the individual’s IQ is lower than the average level it indicates that the individual has a lesser intelligence quotient.

Is the IQ test reliable and fair?

IQ Test has key points to remember: Reliability- The IQ test  has been used by a psychologist for more than sixty years in more than 100 hundred countries all over the world. Thus, proven to be reliable and trusted by professionals. Culture Fair- in IQ test only logical sequences are being expressed through geometric symbols, therefore it allows any individuals to take this test regardless of cultural backgrounds.