Know the reason behind anxiety at night

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To live a happy and satisfied life, happiness and contentment is very much important. All the people want to be happy and gay. But lifestyle of people at present time is very much busy and they don’t have time for self and recreation. This adds gloominess in life and it affects the individual mentally. It has a bad effect on human health too. All this creates anxiety. It is a combination of several disorders which induce nervousness, tension, fear and apprehension. It affects the mental health of the individual which is a worrying thing. The anxiety can be mild as well as severe and in extreme conditions, medication is required.

Impact of anxiety in human life

The side effects of anxiety include lack of concentration, sleeplessness and depression. These effects decrease the productivity and make a person psychologically ill. All over the world, anxiety affects millions of people. Anxiety can occur all day but is more prevalent during the night due to the fact that the individual is alone at night and the mind works and becomes anxious. Youth are more affected by Anxiety at night. During night, when people are more prone to anxiety, sleeplessness and shakiness happen.

Symptoms of anxiety at night

Anxiety at night is more dangerous form which can have disastrous effect on human health. It is very prominent and can come in various forms. The various symptoms of anxiety include-

  • An increased heart rate and hence increased blood pressure.
  • Shakiness and nausea
  • Restlessness and nervousness
  • Chest pain and problem in breathing
  • Sleeplessness and panic attacks

There are other symptoms too which leave the person in mental disequilibrium and chaos. The person may find himself obsessing about a particular thing and the mind is present somewhere else. In severe cases, the person may suffer from sweating and shaking. In case of college students, who don’t get a good sleep, anxiety is more common.

How to overcome from anxiety

Anxiety is attributed to the change in normal life style of human beings who don’t have time for personal things. A restless mind can again decrease the productivity. Many people who suffer from anxiety take sleep pills which is a bad idea. To get rid of it, proper therapy should be open. It includes a reshuffle of the daily routine, practicing meditation for mental peace and doing yoga this all will help anxious people to a great extent.

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