Best Ideas for Home Extension

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The home extension can be done in many ways which are practical and can create more space efficient. If anyone needs some extra space in his house and he doesn’t want to move to another location, he can achieve his goal by extending his present house. However,some things are required to consider before going for extending your home, such as how much value the extension will add, whether the project is economically viable and how suitable is the extension work with the existing home both from inside as well as outside. Here are few ideas to extend homes with double storey extension semi detached house.

  • Maximize the existing space:Existing space must be reconfigured for most of the access, natural light,and optimum layout. Separating walls may be added or removed to help new extension which is to be established. The entrance should lead to a central living space, which in turn must lead to all rooms. The distance of the dining area to the kitchen may also be restructured.
  • Two storey extensions:This is the best option to construct two stories in place of one because it pays maximum value for money with an extension. Average cost per square meter is considerably reduced in this idea. An extra storey can also be built over the top of an existing single storey
  • External Appearance: While extending your home there are two options as far appearance is concerned. It may be in contrast tothe previous structure or it may look like a part of the old structure. In the firstmethod, the builder may enjoy the freedom to use any relevant material while in second method same materials and colors are used to give the same effect as it was in the previous building.

double storey extension

  • Addition Of a Sunroom: The most popular extension which is being added frequently is building a sunroom. This is an extension with large areas of glazing, with an insulated roof and with one insulated wall to easily control the temperature according to the season.
  • Outdoor Rooms: An outdoor covered area can also be added to the existing house to sit or eat during different weathers. This area is protected from too much sunlight or rainfall to provide the necessary The traditional form of such outdoor rooms is veranda or spaces set under a flat projected roof, supported by sleek pillars.

There are many more ideas for home extensions depending upon the need and budget of the household.

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