Take A Glimpse On Different Types Of Water Proof And Anti Chew Dog Beds

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As there are multiple varieties of indestructible dog beds available in the market people opt to choose the best that suits their purpose. Some poach possessors will go for waterproof beds and some opt for anti-chew proof beds. In the same way, others choose indestructible dog beds. Based on the requirements and varieties and affordability the owners can go for the long-lasting beds which need not be replaced quite often. Check out options at

Anti-chew dog beds: There are anti-chew sprays which are specially designed for the dogs to force back them from chewing.  The sprays can be used in the dog beds provided the sprays should not cause any problems to the dog.  It is always advisable to choose the sprays that indicate pet safe and child safe. It is always better to purchase alcohol-free sprays. Alcohol is harmful to dogs. Always double check before buying the anti-chew spray. When the pet owners want to control the dogs from chewing the furniture anti-chew sprays are the best choice. These sprays will serve the purpose of good resistant to avoid the dogs of chewing things which are unpleasant in taste.  It is always better to use anti-chew sprays which are not strong so that the dogs will not stop using the new bed

Bitter Lemon Spray:  The bitter lemon spray will be a great choice as it is tender and safe, restraint and untasteful in nature and will not create harm to the dogs. The spray is extracted from natural bitter and lemon extracts. It is safe to use on curtains, clothes and electrical cables and wood. It uses non-harmful formula.

Waterproof beds: Dogs are dirt and wet animals. They will step into the bed after a shower without giving chance for the owner to rub down. In such circumstances, waterproof chew proof beds are advisable to choose. It is also better to use covers that can be removed easily and can be washed easily with the help of machines. There are many dog beds available at which offer many features.

There are beds which are designed for both waterproof and chew proof purpose and these beds will be a great choice for puppies, older dogs and moderate chewers.  These beds come with a variety of colours and sizes and the covers are machine washable in nature. These beds come with a guarantee and will be replaced when the dogs damage it within in a short span of time.

It is useless to have indestructible beds when the covers and pillows are changed from time to time. Firm and round slippery covered pillows will be a great choice for medium chewers and puppies. The dogs will not be able to grab the pillows with their teeth due to its slippery nature. Stain-proof long lasting dog bed cover is easy to use and will be able to withstand the chewers who are determined to chew. These covers are made of synthetic polyester fibres,  waterproof and are machine washable.