Custom Printed Cotton Tote Bags

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About the bags

katoenen tassen bedrukken means printing cotton bags. The bags serve the purpose of carrying things. These days cotton bags have gained lot of popularity due to the durable and the eco friendly nature of the bags. These bags which are made of fabric can be washed and can be reused. They save the space also as no need to buy many, instead can have one or two at home. These are the tote bags. Bags which are larger in size and have the parallel medium sized handles on both the sides of the bag to carry and hold the bag easily.

These are reusable and look elegant and that is why they are considered to be good and the best alternative ones for the plastic bags or the polythene covers. at Viprinta, which is the online store you can find many models of the bags with many different kinds of designs. This the best and ideal for printing your fabric bags. At any events like birthday parties or any kind of occasions, if you want to distribute some return gifts or any items, these printed bags will look elegant. Your personal text or logo with choice of colours can be printed on the bags.

printing cotton bags

About the prints

The font size and the whatever designs you need to include can be told to the team so that they will do it for you. Price per piece is shown in the webpage after you choose all the necessary specifications.

The time they take for the delivery of the bags also differs based on the availability of stock of colours and other materials required in making the bags. Usually when everything is available they take up to seventy-two hours, but some may take even longer time up to ten days.

Prices are affordable and reasonable at Viprinta. katoenen tassen bedrukken is an expert work by the team and their price are very competitive. They consider the weight of the bags for the quality and the minimum is 136 grams.this will also tell about the lifespan and appearance of the bags. The material that is the cotton which is used in making of bags is only an eco-friendly cotton.


Not only in large quantities they can also deliver in small quantities also. They can be got in various sizes and shapes and colours. handles can also be customized like small or big ones.

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