Fishing Can Be Made Easy With The Help Of Fishing Sinkers

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Fishing tackle or fishing equipment is an equipment that is needed to catch a fish. It is impossible to catch a fish if you don’t have a proper gear but luck is often much more needed and that can’t be bought in any store.

Fishing Weights – Size, Shape, and Weight

Fishing sinkers can be as large as a few kilograms for deep sea fishing or for long lines or can be very small, even as small as few grams or even less for thin lines in shallow water. Casting distance will depend on sinkers weight and shape. Its speed depends on the shape, weight and also of sinkers density. Fishing sinkers have many sizes and shape like dipsey sinkers, bank sinkers, bullet sinkers, split-shot sinkers, – bank sinkers, dipsey sinkers, bullet sinkers, split-shot sinkers, pyramid sinkers.

The Barrel or Egg Sinkers

A barrel or egg sinkers are rounded and mostly bead-like fishing weights with a narrow hole in the middle through which fishing line is threaded. These sinkers are advisable on a rock or debris covered bottoms. Use several of these in one line in order to avoid line getting stuck on such bottoms, or even use the soft plastic tube and insert fishing weights inside to create home-made no-snag sinkers. Generally, these fishing weights are available in most sizes at acceptable prices and can be found in any fishing gear/tackle store but the size depends on fishing positions and methods. Although rubber core sinkers are more desirable for such use, these type of fishing weights is often used for trolling rigs to sink lure or bait to the desired depth. Bullet shaped sinkers with hollow bottoms are better for snag-free combinations.

The Pyramid Sinkers

A pyramid sinkers are used when desirable to anchor line on the bottom of water bodies. It is attached to the terminal end of the fishing line by loops of brass, and it shaped like a pyramid. It will roll on the side when it hits the bottom and it will create a little material build-up in front of it with its sharp edge when pulled gently.  Such action is possible on soft bottoms like sand and similar. Pyramid sinker frees itself easily when fish grabs a bait and line is pulled sharply. The pyramid sinkers are available as three or four-sided pyramids.

The Bulldozer Sinker

This bulldozer sinker acts in a similar way as pyramid sinkers but they hold better for the same weight due to their shape and they are used in waters with stronger currents. Bulldozer sinkers provide greater resistance due to their shape when the line is drawn so be careful about dimension of your terminal tackle.

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