Wear your bag with a style statement!

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Women have been using handbags as a fashion statement since the time the pockets went out of her dresses. Bags from being a functional thing to carry money have now become one of the most important accessories of today’s woman. A properly coordinated handbag with the apparel exudes class and completes the look. The Jutebeutel bedrucken is like an important ensemble of her dress code. It has the ability to make even a simple outfit classy and elegant.

There are many different kinds of handbags available, each serving its own purpose. There are some handbags with very basic simple looks and some others, which are very elegant and luxurious. Some bags are made with best of leather and some made with suede and canvas. These handbags also have their own nomenclature, which is very important to understand what each different name means and when it is to be used. Some of the different kinds of handbags which are a must for any fashionable woman’s wardrobe are the following:

different kinds of handbags

Shoulder Bag:

It’s an everyday, most functional bag. It’s big in size and can fit in all the necessities. The bag can sit in the crook of the arm or slung over a shoulder.

The Tote:

These are perfect for work as they are big enough to carry all the work related stuff. One should go for a tote with inside pockets for easy organization.

The Cross Body Bag:

These bags are neither too big nor too small, with a long thin strap that can be worn across the body. These cross body allows both the hands to be free for managing daily errands with ease.

The Messenger or Laptop Bag:

 This is a bigger version of cross body bag, which can carry a laptop or tablets with ease. It also provides the hand free option making for easy commute to work.

The Satchel:

These are spacious bags with wide interiors and both a strap and top handles. This can fit in all the basics as well as the gadgets like tablets and laptop. It can be taken both to work and dinner.

The Clutch:

These are the perfect accessory for special occasions like a dinner party, wedding, formal dine out. It looks good with any party wear and can fit in the bare essentials.

The Wallet:

A wallet is the most essential type of bag. It can be carried like a clutch and also inside a bag.

It keeps all the cash, card, and receipts within easy reach and help to keep our bags organized.

The Hobo:

The Hobo is a shoulder style bag but it is not very wide, which goes well with both casual and formal look. It is a good option, when one does not want to carry a shoulder or a tote bag.

The options are limitless where bags and wallets are concerned, but these are some of the basic styles available s which a woman should definitely own.

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