Find the Perfect Badminton Racket in These 4 Easy Steps

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The badminton racket is a globally recognized, tennis-like classic racket game in which a player uses a racket to hit a shuttlecock over a net. It’s categorized in doubles and singles. Players earn points when they successfully shoot the shuttlecock over the net, and it settles on the opponent’s court. It’s an equipment-based game that can be played by people of all ages, genders, and skilllevel. Professionals will tell you that your badminton playing experience will depend on the kind of racket you purchase. Here are the four main features of the Best badminton racket.

Types of Rackets

Badminton rackets are categorized into 3 main options. The aluminum-graphite rackets are light in weight and easy to handle hence, ideal for intermediate players. The aluminum rackets are solid and a bit heavier option ideal for beginners who only play for fun. The graphite rackets are strong and skill-requiring options that are only ideal for high-skilled players.

The Flexibility of the Shaft

Based on the brand and manufacturer, badminton rackets have either rigid or flexible shafts. Rackets with super flexible shafts are more powerful but not very accurate hence, only perfect for beginners. Rackets with rigid shafts are less powerful and a bit easy to control but always deliver more accurate hits. They are naturally stable and require faster momentum for easy bending of the shaft as you swing to make the hits more accurate.

Best badminton racket

Racket Weight

One of the core factors that affects your accuracy, efficiency, and enjoyment levels when playing badminton is the racket weight. The perfect racket weight for you will depend on a number of factors. Players with lower acceleration force will obviously need more power to hit the shuttlecock with more accuracy; hence, the need for a heavier racket. If you have mastered the game and can efficiently play the game at super high acceleration levels, you will require a light racket. Don’t forget that the lighter the racket, the more accurate the shots and the higher the enjoyment levels.

Doubles and Singles

Badminton can be played either in singles or doubles. Singles players mostly prefer rackets that are super rigid while the flexible ones are favored by doubles player. Often times, doubles players prefer lighter rackets since they deliver more power at faster returns. As for singles players, they prefer heavier rackets since they offer adequate time to prepare the shots.


The Best badminton racket can be either cheap or expensive depending on the manufacturer. Cheaper rackets aren’t always substandard while the most expensive ones aren’t always durable and effective. Just get the perfect badminton racket that matches your budget and meets all the outlined qualities. If you’re abeginner and wouldn’t want to make mistakes, you can have a look at the top best badminton rackets in 2019 here. We have reviewed the bestselling and top-ranked badminton rackets so when you browse through our listed products, you’re sure to find one that meets your criteria.  Don’t rush your purchase decision if you don’t want to make mistakes.