Guests: The Man of the Hour

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A wedding is a day for two individuals. Being negligent would turn the wedding into a disaster. Weddings are considered successful only if the guests are happy. They are the man of the hour. The wedding is special for you but comforting you guests will make you happier. There isn’t much effort you have to put in, just a few things which would act like the cherry on the top.

Attend to them personally

In the haste to get things done, a host usually forgets to attend to their guests. It’s not their fault; the guests know that it needs a lot of efforts to make a party successful. The matter of fact is even if they know it, it does seem that they are ignored. Attending and welcoming them would mean that their presence is appreciated. Otherwise,it seems awkward and makes them feel like they’re un welcome. They would appreciate the gesture and their wishes would make you feel good too.

While at the dining place, give a visit to the guest, even if it is for a few seconds or a minute. Ask them how the food is or tell them how glad you are now thatthey’re here. This tiny gesturesis enough for them to get comfortable. Introduce them to your family members if they are unknown to them. This increases hospitality.

Make them participate

Participation is the key to make bonds. The wedding is yours but keep events where your guests can participate too and feel at ease. Ask them to recommend some songs. Approach them to the dance floor. Having the song of their choice will most likely make them groove on the dance floor. Everyone likes to dance to the song they love. Bring out their inner dancer by playing their favorite tunes.

Don’t forget their children. Make the children participate too. Have a playing area for them. This would be the best way to make them feel at home among the kids of their age. This way, they’ll enjoy your party. Organize some games for them or buy some board games they can indulge in. Have some crayons and a drawing board so they can showcase their creativity.


The route to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make delicious arrangements which would make the guests keep licking their fingers. Arrange beverages before the meal. Serve them regularly. Have dishes for the wedding that would flood their mouth. Prepare for some funny wedding speeches. This would refresh their mind.

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